Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994



In 1992 we joined the Noah’s Ark Society, as Gordon had always been interested in Physical Phenomena and said this is what he want to do, if it was possible. We sat in a couple of circles with the table and started to work this way. In 1993 we went to visit some friends and Michael communicated through Gordon for the first time. Six months later, we started sitting as a physical circle and it developed from there.

At first we sat in the dark and the spirit friends would walk around the room and communicate in this way. In 1998 the helpers asked us to sit with the red light and work for the transfiguration, which is what we are doing today. The spirit team are aiming to get materialization in red light.

We would like to thank everyone who has sat in our circle for all the love and support they have given to the spirit friends and us, for without them the circle could not have achieved those things we see today. So, to all of you who have sat with us over the years (you know who you are) and have made ‘The Pomegranate Circle’ what it is today, a big Thank You.

We trust that with the spirit friends’ love and guidance we will continue as a team to make it possible for everyone to have the opportunity to sit, see and communicate with their loved ones.

Gordon Garforth

Transfiguration Medium

Gaynor Garforth

Circle Leader & Platform Medium

My parents went into Spiritualism when I was 14 and they both became working mediums, so when I was 25, I decided to sit and develop for myself. 

I have been working from a platform for about 45 years as a clairsentient. As I started to work, I never knew whether my helper was a man or woman, but I accepted that as long as someone work when I was on the platform that was fine with me. I met Gordon in 1981 when he was the secretary of Heckmondwike Spiritualist Church. They were desperate for a medium that night to take the service so I helped the church out and here we are, 33 years later, still working together.

Mike Ganley

Writer, Independent Researcher, Pomegranate archivist & member of the SPR

I came into this sort of stuff only a few years ago. Always fascinated by the question of life after death, I joined a local spiritual church and a series of meetings brought me to Gordon and Gaynor. I still put on my research hat on when collaborating with some leading scientists and academics, trying to do my own bit to change the way science views the whole area of what is loosely termed the 'paranormal'- something that is, in fact, entirely normal! Now the spirit team members are every bit as real as the living ones and the sittings are an important part of our life.
My other hobby is teasing Gordon when Wakefield Wildcats rugby league team lose. 

Pomegranate endeavour to meet once a fortnight. However, as Gordon’s Mediumship develops, his etheric team hope to increase the frequency of the sittings. The circle is there to support Gordon’s mediumship and the aim of Pomegranate is to show, through the dissemination of information and regular demonstrations, that life is eternal and consciousness of the individual continues after physical death.

Jojan Ganley


I have been sitting with Pomegranate for about 2 years.  I worked in the medical profession in my home country of Holland before having a family and from there came into alternative healing therapies, such as, Touch For Health. I practice yoga regularly. I am excited about the possibility of the Spirit team's desire to bring forth evidence from spirit guests using their native tongue and I have received communication from both my mother and father. 

Biba J Reid


Yvonne Lynn


The Pomegranate Circle in NORWICH

Our grateful thanks to LINDA & BRIAN SMITH who host Pomegranate Circle sittings in Norwich every month or so.

Now you've met the circle members, let's meet the Spirit Team...