Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994


Once met, never forgotten!

Deirdre first came and spoke to us via Gordon about six months after Michael left. Deirdre was more open and jolly and like a ray of sunshine in the circle. She said that she had come to replace Michael to uplift the circle's vibration. Over the months, we would have some great conversations with her.

One day, I asked her if she would take the philosophy when I next did a service at the church. She told us that this was not her usual forte but would be pleased to do it. During the next few weeks, before I served the Church, I was aware of the things that had happened during my spiritual development and my life. When I took the service, Deirdre came and told us about her life and said she had been working with me from day one of my development. From that day I have been aware of her when we take the services. I thank her very much for working with me.

Deirdre’s life story: Deirdre was born a man and named Arnold Smith. She realised very early in her childhood that she felt more like a lady than a man and made the big decision when she was twenty to dress as a woman and lived her life this way. Today she would be classed as a transsexual. I think that life must have been very difficult for her. The drawing of her was when she was in her twenties, which would have been in the early 1940s. She took her transition in 1964 when she was forty-seven.

...... That’s another tale she likes to relate to new friends.

"Me and my friend Sandra worked in bars in Nantwich and Crewe and Sandra used to walk me home. I got to my place and it had nine steps up, it was the 60’s and we were very ‘with it’: stilettos, beehive hair, legs to die for, body to kill for….a vision of loveliness, with a fag sticking out of my mouth. I had one or two drinks and I got to the top step and turned round to wave bye to Sandra when – Geronimo! – my stiletto broke and I fell down the steps. I woke up in hospital but, I thought that’s strange, there are no walls. I thought I must be in Liverpool – they’ve pinched the bricks! Then I saw two people walking towards me and as they got closer I could see that it was Mum and Dad and I thought it can’t be, they’re dead! Then Mum came up to me and said ‘You silly bitch, how many times have I told you about those stilettos?’ 

I thought ‘Well, this isn’t looking too good for me’ so I said to Mum ‘Am I dead? Now be truthful.' She replies ‘No chuck, you’re alive now, you were dead before. Come on, get up, we’re going.’ I was looking for my clothes but she said ‘They’re on you’ and they just seemed to appear.

Mum said, ‘Come on, let’s go to your place.’ I said ‘Have I got a place here?’ She replied ‘Yes, you’re not living with me!’ So off we went up this road in the country and through this gate with flowers up the path and up to this cottage and, chucks, do you know, it was the nicest coalbunker I’d ever seen! No, I’m only kidding. Mum said, ‘This cottage is yours.’ Well, I nearly cried, and said, How can it be mine, I’ve no rent money?’

Mum said, ‘This has been built for you, for the deeds to your fellow man whilst you were on Earth.’ I thought, ‘Well, it should be a mansion….’ No get yourself together Deidre! I said to Mum, ‘but I have done wrong over the years.’ She replied ‘They were only little things, small misdemeanours. You talked to people and listened to what they had to say and that counts for a lot in my world and earned you each brick in this building, and you will find it changes over the years.' 

You are now here for eternity. We have towns and cities here. You will get used to it and you will evolve over the years and reach greater heights and, friends, that little cottage of mine has evolved over the years and is a part of me and it is what you will achieve when you come here to my world as you are all givers, you give of yourself to your fellow man. I live on my own and enjoy it. I like my music, not The Beatles -although I have met two of them. It’s lovely here and there’s always something new happening. 

You’ll enjoy it when you come!’"

Spirit Art Portrait of Deirdre 

Drawn by .....   at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Stansted in .....

(If you know who drew this picture, please let us know so we can attribute credit)

Deirdre explained that this was how she looked when younger, before she took to wearing her hair in a bouffant style so typical of the 1950s and 60s.