Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994

Gordon's Seance Set Up

Shannon Taggart's photo showing Gordon producing a pseudopod from his nose.


There are two aspects to Gordon's mediumship; Physical and Deep Trance.

The physical aspect of his mediumship is controlled by JACK WEBBER, a famous Welsh physical medium who passed in 1940. Jack extracts ectoplasm from Gordon and, to a certain extent, the other sitters. Ectoplasm is a naturally occurring substance composed of protein and amino acids. The spirit team use this substance to coat Gordon's face to enable the Maskings or Transfiguration to take place. 

This is so spirit visitors to be recognised by sitters. It is also used to line his vocal chords to enable visitors to speak using their own voice. Regular spirit visitors have no difficulty in doing this at all but many loved ones coming through for the first time find it quite difficult and, as such, their voices may not be an exact match at first.

When Gordon sits in his chair, he usually falls into a Deep Trance immediately – often before Gaynor has finished the opening prayer. Gordon is completely unaware of everything that happens during a sitting. Whilst in this trance state, regular spirit team members as well as guests ‘come through’ and speak to the audience. They access his central nervous system through and in effect take over control of his body. During his trance like state, Gordon often twitches and shakes: this is when spirit friends come in or out. Some spirits can remain for a prolonged period and sitters enjoy quality dialogue with spirit team members such as WILLIAM PARSONS or DEIRDRE. During such conversations, many subjects are discussed and sitters’ questions can be answered. Other guest visitors may only show themselves for a short while.

A red light is used during the sitting. This is because red light is safer to use when ectoplasm is developing than normal white light. The etheric team have also recently introduced a green light to the sittings and the early results have been encouraging with sitters reporting a marked improvement in the quality of the Maskings / Transfiguration.

Each sitting is an experiment and no one, not even Gordon, can control what happens.

Between a chip butty and the far side of the Universe

The Physical Mediumship of Gordon Garforth 

                                                               written by Mike Ganley and published on

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Could Gordon be simply putting on an act?

There have been many examples of fraudulent mediums in the past though sitters in Pomegranate séances all recognise the genuine nature of Gordon’s mediumship.

Many people have had emotional reunions with loved ones and in the process received information only they could have known.

Gordon has been the subject of intense scientific scrutiny. He was invited to demonstrate at a conference where leading members of the scientific community were present.

What he does is potentially dangerous and he has received burns during past demonstrations. After Gordon has been in a deep trance he suffers a great deal of discomfort and pain. He coughs and splutters (due to the traces of ectoplasm in his throat) and his feet and legs require careful massaging before he is able to walk. Any sitter witnessing this can tell immediately that this is not an act.

In past demonstrations Gordon has channelled visitors who speak in another language –something he is not able to do. As Gordon himself says, he speaks two languages, English and Yorkshire!

Is Physical mediumship dangerous?

Physical mediumship, especially the sort which used ectoplasm is potentially dangerous, and could be possible fatal to a medium. Helen Duncan (1897-1956) died after her séance in Nottingham was raided by police and she was rushed to hospital with two second degree burns across her stomach. She later died as a result of these burns. Gordon himself has been burnt several times though thankfully his spirit team do all they can to protect him when demonstrating. At a recent demonstration in Otley, someone jumped up during the sitting and opened a door before anyone was able to stop him. Light streamed into the room and the séance had to be temporarily suspended. Gordon had visible burn marks as a result of this incident but fortunately was able to make a quick recovery.

What sort of messages are given?

Regular etheric team members come through at sittings to explain things to the audience of to answer any questions. Gordon has several regular visitors who simply enjoy the experience of visiting the physical dimensions and enjoy singing or having a ‘bit of banter’ with the audience to show them that the ‘afterlife’ is not at all serious or has anything to do with religion but merely an extension of this life but experienced in thought without the material. Family members sittings are experimental and contact from loved one in spirit can never be guaranteed. Etheric team members do try to unite loved ones with their family at sittings and a collection of the testimonials can be viewed in another section.

Is Gordon harmed in any way during a sitting?

Gordon is in deep trance throughout the sitting so will know nothing of what transpires. This is one of the reasons why all sittings are recorded. During the transfiguration not only will his face change but his body will be stretched and his shape altered. Though he is in severe discomfort after a sitting, his etheric team assure us that they look after him and no there will be no lasting damage.

Elongated hands during seance

  Gordon's hands

Why are people charged to attend public sittings?

Gordon and Gaynor would be happy to live in an ideal world where they did not have to charge visitors at all but unfortunately this is not the case. A small charge is made to cover all necessary costs associated with travelling to various parts of the country to demonstrate, such as petrol and accommodation.