Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994


Direct Voice Medium


Published by the SNU in 1951

who, for fifty years, has given to mankind, without thought of reward or of his own convenience, the use of his body to supply the substance necessary to enable those who have died to vibrate our atmosphere with their voices and so speak to us.

Sloan's home town is Dalbeattie in Kirkcudbrightshire, and when quite a youth he went to sea, to return to take up drapery, and later tailoring. Then he went to Glasgow, to return home to Dalbeattie, and there he married. His wife, whom he had known since childhood, was a clerkess in the Post Office at Edinburgh. After that, he settled down in Glasgow to follow different occupations. He was employed for several years in various departments of the Post Office, then as a packer in a warehouse, and in middle life he again went to sea for some years, returning to Glasgow to open a small newsagent's shop. This was followed by other forms of employment, and then lie settled down in a cottage at West Kilbride in Ayrshire, where he spent the happiest years of his life until his wife passed on.

MR. JOHN SLOAN is a unique man, an individual which nature seldom produces, and all his life supernormal occurrences have taken place in his presence. When he is present in a dark room with other people, voices speak which claim to be those of individuals who have once lived on earth and who were known by the names they give. When Sloan is not present these voices are not heard. He is called a Medium, because he supplies unknowingly something from his body which unseen people can use to make themselves heard on earth. This something is the nexus between this world and Etheria, usually known as the Spirit World.

This substance is called Ectoplasm, and will be explained later, but, besides having this to a much greater degree than have ordinary people, he can see men, women and children who are unseen to the majority of people. This is called Clairvoyance. Besides this, he is clairaudient, because he can hear them speak when other people beside him do not. In the séances recorded in this book everyone heard what the voices said, they were objective, and this phenomenon is known as the Direct Voice. When only the Medium hears voices it is called Clairaudience.

But that is not all, because he can become entranced, a condition similar to a person being under an anesthetic, and in this state he is unconscious of his surroundings. Then he cannot see or feel anything, but he can be used by an unseen intelligence to say what that invisible person wishes him to say. When he becomes normal he is unaware of what he has said or done during his period of trance. Moreover, he has other abnormal faculties, because, when he is present, objects can be moved without apparent touch, and have been seen floating about the room without any physical contact. This is called Telekinesis, or the movement of objects without physical contact, and finally, what are called apports have been brought into a room where he is.

Apports may be anything one can handle, and these objects are put, by someone unseen, into the hands of the person present or placed on his lap. On one occasion a lighted cigar was put between the fingers of a visitor when he was talking to Sloan in his house. Amazed, he looked about and finally went outside, to find the owner of the cigar looking for it everywhere on the pavement.

On one occasion I left a gold match-box, having my initials on it, in my overcoat ticket-pocket. I said nothing about this to anyone, hung up my coat in the entrance passage, entered the séance room, locked the door, put the key in my pocket, put a mat up against the bottom of the door and took my seat with the others sitting around in a circle for the séance about to begin. Two trumpets were in the middle of the circle for the voices to speak through, and it was not long after the light was put out when a trumpet came in front of my face and a metallic object was rattled inside it. A voice said: "Please put out your hand," when something was heard to slide down the inside of the trumpet into my hand. It was the same gold match-box that I had put into the ticket pocket of my overcoat. When the séance was over I found the window still tightly shuttered, the mat was at the door as I had placed it, and the door was still locked. That is what is called an apport.

Finally, Sloan is unique because these gifts, if they may be called so, do not interest him. He has never exploited them for money; in fact, he is quite indifferent about money. Consequently, he has given séance after séance over the past fifty years, and never received a penny. He was paid nothing for attending the Meetings recorded in the pages which follow. Instead of gaining anything from them he put himself to both trouble and expense to be present. He has received gifts from grateful sitters from time to time, but he never asks for anything and never expects a reward for his services.

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