Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994


Michael Flynn was the first person to speak through Gordon. 

When the circle started, he would come and speak, as he does now, and bring laughter to lift the vibrations. After about two years, he said he had to go, and we missed him.

Over the years, he would pop in on occasions to see how we were doing. He told us then that he worked with another physical medium in London.

It was great to have him visit us. He has not changed and is still the same now as he was the first day we met. He came back to the circle on a more regular basis about three years ago and informed us that his medium had passed to his side of life.

This last year, he has started to sing for us; his strident rendition of 'Molly Malone' filling the hearts of sitters with warm nostalgia.