Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994


Our grateful thanks to MIKE GANLEY for committing to paper the Spirit friends' words and seance events.


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So what do visitors tell us about life in the spirit dimensions?

Spirit friends and visitors are very eager to come through with the message that we do survive our physical death and continue to live in another dimension. After experiencing numerous visits from both regular and guest visitors Pomegranate circle is in the very privileged position of being able to piece together a picture of what the afterlife is actually like. What’s more, there is a great consistency in the nature of the messages. From the deep (though sometimes flippant and even comic conversations) we have had with our spirit friends and family, we are able to build up, like a jig saw puzzle, some key aspects of life or existence in the spirit world.


The afterlife has nothing whatsoever to do with religion. They report that there is no God sitting on a throne and religious debate continues. This is not to say that a God head of sorts exists in an ultimate dimension – even higher than the one our communicators inhabit.


We simply think of somewhere and we are there. There is no need for airplanes or long journeys.

Everything exists as a thought. Houses, clothes, landscapes are all created as thought and appear as real to them as the material nature of our universe appear to us. Recent developments in quantum physics suggest that the though process even play a role in creating our reality but it certainly does create the reality of people in the higher spirit dimensions.


One of the first things spirit people say is that they no longer have any of the ailments or symptoms of the illness or disease which they had on the earth plane.

Quality of life there depends on the good deeds done on this material world. Deidre explained how the cottage she inherited when she went to the spirit world was built on the good deeds she performed when on the earth plane.


All spirit people will explain to you that like attracts like in their world just as it does in ours. They also say that laughter is very important and certainly many of the spirit people have a great sense of humour. William pointed out that everyone in his world has jobs and goals to achieve and he pointed out that he had more goals than the English football team.

Everything in our material world vibrates at a lower frequency than higher spiritual dimensions. This explains why we cannot see or communicate with them easily or without the help of a medium.


All answers are not given immediately though knowledge seems to be assimilated much quicker and easier that in is on this material plane.


William Parsons reports that everyone has a role or a job to do. These jobs and roles vary. William is attached to Gordon Garforth and enjoys coming through during Pomegranate sittings and explaining things to people and answering their questions.