Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994


Here are some of the comments received from sitters....   please feel free to submit your own via the contact page

'Having been slightly sceptical of transfiguration work in the past, feeling that it was largely subjective and open to debate, I was left with no doubt in my mind as to the authenticity of Gordon's mediumship on Sunday 25th May 2014 when a member of my own Spirit team stepped forward. He conducted a conversation that I was familiar with and assured me of their continued support before stepping back to allow a constant flow of people to work through Gordon. 

My further delight came in the shape of an ex-uncle-in-law in Spirit with whom I had the pleasure of sharing a very special reunion.

Thank you so much, Gordon and Gaynor, for a wonderful weekend!'

Christine Parkin CSNU

9 June  2014