Introducing the physical mediumship of  GORDON GARFORTH

Pomegranate Circle

Established 1994

Birr Castle, Ireland


3rd Earl of Rosse
1800 - ....

William Parsons is an important member of Gordon’s ethereal team. He has worked with Gordon since the beginning of the circle. We later learned that he was the 3rd Earl of Rosse and also known as Lord Oxmantown. His erudite manner and booming voice are his distinct trademarks and his role is to answer questions.

William was born in York in 1800 and went on to study mathematics at Oxford (Magdalen College) graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics in 1822. He inherited an earldom and a large estate in King's County (now County Offaly) in Ireland when his father, Lawrence, 2nd Earl of Rosse, died in 1841. He is perhaps most known for his keen amateur interest in Astronomy. His 72 inch telescope, The Leviathan, built in 1845, was at one point the world’s largest telescope. Leviathan was the first to reveal the spiral structure of M51, a galaxy nicknamed later as the "Whirlpool Galaxy", and his drawings of it closely resemble modern photographs.

William’s observations resulted in naming the Crab Nebula, based on an earlier drawing made with his older 36-inch (91 cm) telescope in which it resembled a crab. A few years later, when the 72-inch (183 cm) telescope was in service, he produced an improved drawing of considerably different appearance, but the original name continued to be used.

In addition to his astronomical interests, William served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for King's County from 1821 to 1834, an Irish representative peer after 1845, president of the Royal Society (1848–1854), and chancellor of Trinity College, Dublin (1862–1867).


On your side of life you have laws of space and time you have to adhere to so you are limited to what you can say but can you see the future?’ (Mike)

‘Only slightly ahead of you my friend; we can see the pathway that is laid out for each and every one of you, which you have laid out not that anyone else has laid out, but your thoughts and aspirations, what you would like from your life and the pathway you are walking on at this moment in time. You understand that my friend? And if it is the wrong pathway, we will slightly alter the way you understand, and that is how it works.’

Mike had a question via Ron Pearson. Scientists postulate that the universe is comprised of many dimensions: is your world one of these dimensions or do you occupy the same space as us?

‘We all occupy the same space my friend, but this is throughout; we are all intermingled but just on a different level of vibration; in other words, the time aspect comes into this, and it is very different because the finer the vibration the faster it seems to go for us who are in that vibrational field, and if you can just remember when we were children and there were bicycles with wheels and with spokes and as you picked up the speed then the spokes disappeared and this is a way of seeing where we are in a different vibrational field for this is going faster and invisible to the naked eye and this is what occurs within our worlds; this is the only reason you do not see us. There are so many things my friends within your world. If you could see the structure of this chair and how this vibrates at a much denser rate; and when your spirit leaves you my friends then that is the point that it quickens and then you move into the next phase of your life; the most important phase of your life. It is simple and humanity over complicates things.

Jojan asked if William could explain a little more what the ‘new energies’ are.

‘Lots of people say it is a photoplasmic energy, what they are doing is taking the energy out of the ether and there is plenty there and it is easier to use than a ectoplasmic based medium like this one at the moment, for we have problems with ectoplasm many times when we cannot gather enough to do a materialisation whereas with the other type of mediumship you can create full materialisation in a much shorter space of time; this is why most of them out there at this moment of time are using this energy; the physical mediums who have come up over the last few years are not using ectoplasm.

Mike: ‘I have a question William. Could you tell me about the nature of time in your world.

‘The nature of time…time in my world is not like time in your material realm, you understand this, because we do not have things to do, places to go and people to see as you have; time was designed so you knew when you were going to meet a person or when a thing had to be done but we do not have that within my world – only to a certain extent, because when you come over on the plane nearest to your world then you can find that time can still be adhered to but not on a regular basis, but I will speak of this with you at a future date and we will go into it in more intensity. I will not need reminding of this my friend; I will speak regarding what time is within my world but I do not have the time at this moment (Laughter from sitters) but we will speak on this as I know it is an important subject that people have been… speaking to you about. I will give him a good answer. If you can tell him that and we will arrange a time when I can and personally speak with him on a one to one basis and we can speak of time in the material realm and time, or the lack of time, within my world.’

William’s comments on the Catholic Church

My friend, the Vatican accepts the afterlife; the Vatican accepts that these things do come about, that materialization is a fact, that ectoplasm is a fact – they have known this for centuries, my friend, but they do not wish to admit it; they have sat with many physical mediums over the centuries; they know all about it but are not willing to say it in public.’

Where are you now William?

I am accessing the central nervous system of the medium. I work form the 3rd sphere but I can take 5th sphere status. Each sphere is a higher vibration than the previous one. Everything works on a vibration. The seat you sit on is vibrating at a certain speed and the only reason you cannot see the spirit world is because of the speed at which it is generated, just as you cannot see the spokes of a bicycle wheel going round. But as it slows down, you can see them. And this is just the same as the vibrations slowing down to an extent that we can materialise so that we can be seen without ectoplasm. When people say they have seen a ghost it is because an entity wished to slow its vibrations down so that it could be seen to those in your world, not solid but seen. Are you aware of the makeup of ectoplasm? Amino acids and protein, that is withdrawn from those who have copious amounts but we add a substance from our world. There are those who think they come here to sit on God’s right hand but God is in each and every one of you. You are all miniature Gods: it is the divine spark within you. The Godhead in my world I like to describe as a Pomegranate. The seeds from the pomegranate are the ones that that are joined when the sperm and the egg unite. They are joined by the seeds from Spirit at conception and life begins. There is an explosion of life. You come here [to the physical world] to gain form and once you have, you live for eternity. You only gain form once in this world. If a child is miscarried it still has gained form and will continue to grow to whatever age it wishes in my world. If you die elderly you will come back to where you wish to be, perhaps your prime of life.

Can you tell more about the different levels? For example, what is the fifth sphere like?

Very quiet, bet there are a lot of people there. We wouldn’t really say ‘up there’ as we all intermingle, but each level is on a finer vibration. As you progress you lost some of what is you but what you lose, you gain spiritually. You lose religion totally and that is a good thing for there are so many who say ‘If you are not my religion you will go to hell’, but no one does. Everyone can progress through the spheres. Evil is man-made, there is no devil except what is in your own mind. There is no great difference in feeling things. We feel things in my world as you do in yours. We feel, touch and have thoughts and when you come to my world we can read your thoughts.

Do you communicate using conventional language?

Not necessary. It is mind to mind and that is one language, there is no need for speech.

Do you know of any other intelligences that exist within other Galaxies?

There are many but I cannot tell you because I would be taken out of here now. We have our laws in this world about what we are allowed to say and not allowed to say….but there are many races out there, many far, far superior than humans and some less so. They are aware of planet earth and have intervened throughout history and I believe disclosure of some type will come shortly.

And how far does man go back on our planet?

Millions of years. I was once asked how the spirit world sustains all this life. Well, the spirit world expands all the time and what is the size of a spirit? You cannot imagine these things because you are restrained by the brain, the material aspect, but when you are free of this then your mind can expand to its full capability and then you will understand that there is no death, only life.

What one piece of advice would you give us while we are here on this earth plane?

Never accept anything at face value, my friends. There are so many around that will insult your intelligence. Don’t accept it, and if what you are hearing this evening insults you, then don’t accept it either.

Is your world governed by the same laws of time and space?

No, not the same. When you come here you go back to your prime of life. Some like 21, others 30, 40 or 50. And if you pass as a baby you can grow to your prime.